Antifraudintl and impotent threats to Soylent Green


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Antifraudintl dot org, the website whose admins released dox of one of their admins, leading to the crime syndicate in Australia tracking him down, resulting in his untimely demise, has had a thread on their site full of threats to Soylent Green. It was originally titled a bit differently than what it is now, and placed under a different category.

Their whinging seems to be butt hurt moans of how Soylent Green was posting negative stuff about antifraudintl dot org all over the internet leading to the people of afi break down in tears each time they see it.

If you read it carefully, they are basing the thread on made up things, and have extensively quoted from American law as if it applies to a person living in India.

The central idea seems to be that Soylent Green "follows de master Yoda around the web". as if it is something deserving capital punishment. However, facts show otherwise.

At the ranter, de master Yoda made a new account as "neil&dan" immediately after Soylent Green made an account there. And it was unnecessary: he already had accounts there as "striker" and "bigal".

At juot, he announced that he had joined in the first thread posted by Soylent Green. He had clearly followed Soylent Green there. Similarly, in almost all cases, de master Yoda is the one following Soylent Green around the web.

That thread is full of impotent threats and barefaced lies. That's all.